Finding a New Friend

Adoption of any of our animals requires an adoption fee (to cover the veterinary bills) and a strict screening process.

Our adoption fees for Dogs and Cats include:

- Vaccinations, we now include rabies
- Vet check
- De-worming
- Advantage/Revolution (Flea treatment)
- Rabies (if 12 weeks of age or older)
- Spay/Neuter (if the animal is 4-5 months or over, they will be fixed; if not, a spay/neuter voucher is given to the new owner)

Most of our available dogs are on Petfinder, while our cats are housed at Petsmart certain months of the year.

*NOTE* We do follow up phone calls to the new homes of our adopted dogs and cats. We like to check on how they are adjusting, if the new owners have any concerns/questions and to ensure the contract is being followed in regard to spaying/neutering and booster vaccines if applicable. 

If you are interested in adopting an animal showcased on our website, please fill out the form below!